Animation challenge #5 ā€“ Character head turn with anticipation

It’s been a while since I posted; I’ve had various drawings to complete for others, places to be yada-yada-yada. However I have been drawing and animating so it’s not like I stopped completely… just stopped posting.


Thoughts: The most difficulty I had was trying to get a nice, natural arc in the head movement


This is actually my first and only attempt at this animation challenge. In previous challenges I have completed it two or three times to get a better feel for it and just generally improve on the first attempts which are usually sub-par. Whilst I do notice things in this animation I would change next time round I’m happy with it in general; the anticipation is clearly displayed, I thought about adding a noise effect bubble to the right as if the character were reacting to a loud noise then quickly turning to inspect. Without that effect bubble it’s a bit up in the air as to what the details are but that’s not really what the challenge is about.


I think it’d be interesting to play with the speed of the head turn arc, making it slower I feel would make it look as if the character is turning cautiously, as if scared of what’s behind them. Making it faster with a much more dramatic facial expression would probably make for a more tense scene.


That’s all for this one anyhow, I’ll try to get back on top of posting. I’ve been working on some short comics recently which I’d like to turn into short, simple animations so look out for that in the near future.