Animation challenge #4 – Simple character head turn

Simple indeed. I actually tried to animate a character turning from left to right before I started reading about the principles of animation and techniques… needless to say it’s absolutely terrible. I’m by no means an expert now after one week or so but I’d like to think I’ve improved a lot already.


Thoughts: Somewhat challenging trying to keep the perspective of facial features accurate throughout the movement.



As usual here is my first attempt at the animation which is nearly always pretty poor BUT this is exactly what I need in order to improve. After doing a few of the challenges with these shapes and neat lines I decided it’s best to just stick with my sketch layers; this not only saves time but I think it looks much better and has more character. So, let’s get on to the second attempt!


I definitely prefer animating with the sketch layers rather than trying to create clean, simple animations so I’ll be following that going forward. This animation was actually taken from the next challenge on the list (head turn with anticipation) but I liked the way I handled that challenge so much that I decided to rehash the frames for my second attempt at this one too. I feel that the expression on the characters face and the speed with which they turn gives the impression that they’re looking for someone/something, maybe somebody called out their name, maybe they just smelled some kind of delicious food and they’re looking around. I think it’d be fun to animate one of those classic cartoon scenes where the character in scene smells a delicious pie cooling on the window sill and is dragged along mid-air by the scent… that’d be sweet.


Anyway, that’s where I’m at with the head turning, it’s not a bad start. I definitely feel like tomorrow brings a better example of this so stay tuned… or don’t.