Animation challenge #3 – Brick falling off a shelf

Now, I’ll be completely honest; I didn’t want to post this one because I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out… I’ll get into that below.


Thoughts: Quite different to the previous two challenges, the object in this case is very dense and rigid meaning squash and stretch wouldn’t really represent it properly. Getting the correct perspective on the brick in each frame is a real pain in the cheeks.


Here we have it, my first attempt at the brick falling off the shelf and I can put this down to two points; one that I like and one that I dislike. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first… I was lazy. I know, I’m only doing this for myself so being lazy is only hurting myself… I’m also only writing this for myself so maybe I will be lazy sometimes. What I did – or rather what I didn’t do – is used the same object drawing of the brick for each frame, simply rotating it as I saw fit. Whilst I understand this is bad practice as it meant my perspective was wrong for most of the frames my intentions were good. I did this because I was more focused on the path the brick follows and how it interacts with the floor; I’m happy with the way it bounces as it makes contact before quickly slapping the floor and settling – good job, me.

Brick Falling Better JPG.jpg

I have however already started working on a revised version, choosing this time to draw out the entire sequence and get the perspective right. I’m also going for a much looser style rather than the hard, black vector shapes I’ve used previously – gives it a much nicer feel and it’s certainly helped in later exercises that I’ve already covered.


Anyway, I’ll come back to this exercise in future and get it right next time.