Animation challenge #2 – Ball bouncing across the screen

Yes, yes, I know – we just covered the bouncing ball exercise BUT… this time it’s different. If you haven’t checked out my last post for the first animation exercise you totally should, I briefly covered the principles of animation covered by the bouncing ball animation and my thoughts on being creative with the idea of having a ball bouncing continuously without decay.


Thoughts: Very similar in principle to the previous challenge in regards to squash & stretch and timing, challenging to create a realistic path for the ball to follow and to convey realistic density.


Let’s get to it then!


This was my first attempt at animating a ball bouncing across the screen. Looking back at this now I think it gets a little hung-up on the second bounce… what do you think? Also given how much squash & stretch I’ve used here I feel like the ball loses its bounce too soon; the amount the ball adjusts to contact with the floor gives me the impression it’d be much bouncier… but this was my first attempt so I’ll forgive myself. Good attempt, me!


This is my second attempt at this animation challenge and I think the change is quite clear. The ball is rigid throughout the animation giving it the effect of a much more dense object; more like a hard, plastic ball thrown with little force. I think I did a better job with maintaining the flow and timing of this one. There’s almost no bounce to this and I made sure to show that by having the momentum carry further forward than up compared to my first attempt. Although looking at it now I feel that towards the last 5 frames or so the speed of the ball rolling off-screen is a little sluggish; it seems to lose a lot of momentum very quickly buuuuuuuuut as it’s right at the end of the animation I don’t think it’s too noticeable.


Welp, that about sums up my thoughts on challenge #2. I have to admit I’m really getting into this, I’m further ahead than I have been posting so I’ve currently finished the first 5/6 challenges already. Being able to express character and emotion through animation is fascinating to me and I’m happy with how I’m getting on with these exercises. I’ll be back tomorrow with the brick falling off the shelf – exciting stuff.